Step by Step Framer Instructions

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Print and Frame Your Photo

If you would like to upload your image and print on canvas, metal, posters, or other fine art paper with framing options available, please navigate to our Print and Frame page. From there you are able to select from a variety of different sizing types. Natural maintains the ratio of the uploaded image, square keeps the width and height the same, portrait and landscape make your photo adjust for being skewed one way or the other and is not typically recommended as it will crop the artwork and free size allows you full customization for any size within our printing capabilities. After your size is selected, you are able to change between print types without having to reupoad or change the sizes again by simply clicking on the different tabs for the other mediums. After you have the medium you want you will see underneath the options for specific types of that medium (i.e. different paper types or canvas wraps) and below that options for adding types of framing (Note: If you are in Photo Prints and do not see a frame that is because photo prints are setup for strictly printing. You can just click on the framed prints tab and it has the same paper types and the ability to frame). You can also just get prints only by clicking the BUY PRINT ONLY button if you don't want your piece framed.


**For high quality sizing options on image prints, use high resoultion photos. If limited paper sizes are available try using higher resolution photos. If you do not see your desired size, your file is not big enough to print that size**

Step by Step Instructions with Images

1.Select Style

Select Style

you can choose between different styles after upload and sizing picks and your image and size selections will carry over

2. Select files to Upload

Click on the upload arrow to open the popup window for file selection

3. Drag or choose files

Dragging your image into the box will automatically upload it, otherwise you can click on "Click to Select an Image" and then navigate to the correct file.

4. Select Sizing

(Note: Scale is set at 1 inch increments, in order for natural sizing to work the image must be exactly

specific inches like 20 x 16 not 20.25 x 16.1 otherwise natural sizing will not function and free size will need to be the method of sizing chosen)

You can also rotate and crop your image while it is in the framer to meet sizing requirements or get more specific as to what you want included.

5. View in Room

To get a better idea of how your canvas will look in a room you can click on the view in room tool after upload and your image will be scaled into some of our demo rooms where the wall heights are labeled. You can change the default image height in the bottom of the box or if you want to use your own room in your house you can go to Select Room Image and upload a picture of the room you plan to use for your print.

Note: The Room Image Height assumes the photo is exactly the size of the wall. If your image includes ceilings or floors like our demo rooms, the scale will be off. Be sure that when uploading your image you include only the wall for optimal scaling.

6. Select Print Type

Make sure to read the print types carefully, especially for canvas as there is a difference between rolled and wrap where wrapped canvas will be on stretching bars and rolled is merely a rolled canvas.

7. Select Frame (Or hit buy print only if no frame is desired)

There are other framing tabs after this one depending on the select style you have chosen and will vary.

8. Add to Cart

When you have finished framing you can click add to cart to approve of the current piece and frame and allow for checkout.


Multi Panel Canvas

Upload your pictures and print on panels with our Multi Panel Canvas engine. This engine lets you print your favorite images on panels.

There is currently no framing available for multi panel canvas.


Quick Framing Tips:

- You can switch between styles (i.e canvas, posters, framed prints, etc.) by simply clicking on the tabs and you will not need to reupload and the sizing will remain the same.

You don't have to frame your image, you can purchase just the print by adding to cart after uploading and selecting paper and size options.

There is currently no framing available for multi panel canvas.

-You can rotate and crop your image in the framer (if you had a 20 x 16 but the size option is only 16 x 20 you can rotate the image to have it work within the framer)